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Behavioral Health Homes

Improving Outcomes & Reducing Emergency Room Visits

Missouri's 26 Healthcare Homes (HCHs) are designed to integrate care for chronic health conditions in addition to mental health and have the following goals:

  • improving health outcomes
  • reducing the use of high-cost medical services such as emergency department visits and hospitalizations
  • reducing the cost of healthcare
Individuals served through 26 HCHs
Of enrollees served for 1-3 mental health conditions
Years of comprehensive care in Missouri

Prioritizing Whole-Person Health

Missouri’s behavioral health homes have been successful in improving chronic conditions. Sixty-eight percent of Missourians with mental illness have one or more chronic physical conditions. Poor nutrition can lead to chronic health conditions that many people living with mental illness are at a high risk of developing: obesity, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and diabetes.