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Meet Our Staff

Making Things Happen

The Council team consists of dedicated and experienced individuals who make our value proposition possible for our members. The scope of our work is vast, and we take a team approach in everything we do. Our teams are focused on education and events, health and community services, prevention and recovery services, and health information.


  • Brent McGinty

    ext. 111
  • Rachelle Glavin

    Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
    ext. 108
  • Chelsea Hughes

    Executive Vice President, Finance & Administration
    ext. 106
  • Mark Schwartz

    Executive Vice President, Government Relations
    ext. 113
  • Katie Horstman

    Executive Vice President, Education and Engagement
    ext. 110


  • Cindy Davis: Vice President, Workforce Solutions | x104
  • Tara Crawford: Vice President, Clinical Operations | x101
  • Natalie Cook: Vice President, Clive Solutions | x118
  • Kimberly Hicks: Director, Public Safety Services | x105
  • KC Rafferty: Director, Community Engagement | x107
  • Emily Conde: Director, Membership Services | x103
  • James Barber: Director, Data and Technology | x117
  • Drew Burnett: Lead Solutions Development Specialist | x123
  • Mikala Jungmeyer-Geiger: Youth Services Manager | x115
  • Kelsey Mengwasser: Director: Education and Engagment | x122
  • Caroline Young: Lead Manager, Healthcare Data Analytics | x124
  • Nicole "Coley" Narvaez: Administrative Services Assistant | x125
  • Brooke Holterman: Professional Development Consultant | x126
  • Daisy Cheek: Youth Services and Referral Manager | x127
  • Jason Romont: Crisis Services Manager | x129
  • Maggie Bestgen: Marketing and Communicatons Specialist | x130
  • Rhi Evans: Director, Integrated Care Services | x131
  • Morgan Williams: Integrated Care Manager | x132
  • Audrey Warbritton: Health Technology Specialist | x133
  • Jessica Huff: Accounting Specialist | x134
  • John Fandrey: Lead Manager, Health Technology Solutions | x136
  • Megan Kempker: Education and Engagement Specialist | x137
  • Paige Chapman: Substance Use Disorder and Recovery Services Manager | x138
  • Victoria Jansen: Lead Information Technology Consultant | x139
  • Shane Buscher: Population Health Analyst | x140
  • Amanda Dennison: Community Integration Manager | x141
  • Joshua Stockman: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training Specialist | x142