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Restoring a Community Environment

Clubhouses are vibrant communities in which members can share life events and gather support for accomplishments or challenges. Sometimes the worst symptom of mental illness is isolation, but at Clubhouse Missouri, no one feels alone. The personal bonds and friendships formed at the Clubhouses through work and social activities can last a lifetime. Clubhouse activities include: employment and education opportunities, fitness and health programs, social activities, and housing.

Every person experiencing mental illness in the state of Missouri has access to a local clubhouse to support them with their recovery.

  • Bel-Ray Clubhouse Raymore, MO | Compass Health Network
  • Friends in Action Clubhouse Farmington, MO | BJC Behavioral Health
  • Harmony Clubhouse Washington, MO | Compass Health Network
  • Headway Clubhouse St. Peter's, MO | Compass Health Network
  • Independence Center St. Louis, MO | Independence Center

Creating Community: Changing the World of Mental Health

Clubhouse International is working around the world to strengthen and expand clubhouses for people living with serious and persistent mental illness. Learn more at

"Diversity is the mix.
Inclusion is making the mix work."
- Andres Tapia